Saturday, 30 December 2017

"Out Demons Out!"

:(Fuck 2017 - a total stinker - need air freshner for 2018 good job I got no sense of smell cut through all the lies and deceit.Why did things go tits up so badly -remember watching this a few years back-the writing was on the wall  then and only a few people fecking noticed- as young Jimbo said "Wake Up! " Sounds familar this is why tiny handed worlds most expensive vapour sea slug comb-over head thinks he's king-I've never seen such panto and it's all real - and yet another grand theft I hope people cotton on and remove this tripe before it's too late perhaps it is... losing faith in people but not all -
2018 21st centuries almost grown -but I tell myself that everyday at 45 and still nonedewiser  how do you combat mass bullshit and bullshitters ? - I dunno gonna drink myself stupid tonight a curse all the cowards and betrayers ,daft eejits that buy this crap and BS Artists that provide it -well least it's a start. forgive me I modded out for a second lol- my Neph got me Odessey & Oracle for Crimbo whatta dude Not sure anyone really gives a monkeys about me -- but Christmas was alright coming back home not so -a total dampner so I'm getting blasted won't celebrate New Years Eve probably build a Anderson Shelter instead -
Needed to hear some beardy lunatic rock - but it's good beard not lego  beard

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