Saturday, 27 January 2018

The Black Major Colouring Project Part 3

Final part- coloured the Major differently from colourist here though as he's meant to be wearing  snow gear(as with the last cover with the Polar Bear) I had a look at the the first wave of Action Force figures they had arctic gear so I went with that look-kind of made more sense to me rather than Khaki ..more about them after I've posted these.

That Concludes The Black Sheep boy's origin  -kind of a origin story for Action Force as it' there first encounter with The Baron and the Red Shadows loons of the first order-

We didn't have GI Joe but it sneaked it's way into the pages of Battle ,and then onto it's own title I dug The Baroness and Storm Shadow but the Red Shadows were for me were the main bad boyz in that  universe-I wasn't into figures more into comics  so only had about 2 figures Phones(from Q Force -who was Irish so had to have him lol)  and  a Red Shadow  like Star Wars I didn't really have the figures-although I did have a Revenge of the Jedi  Boba Fett which would be worth a few thousand now but I took it out of the box bah!! you just don't have that foresight as a kid -I'd get a quid for pocket money back then-that would go on comics or batteries for my Tomy Tronic lol .. but this is a good informative video from over the pond and good  that he name checks The Baron's site which I  did this colouring for

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