Saturday, 10 February 2018

Colouring Project-"Star Wars-"Death in the City of Bone "-Part 1

Part 2 of Leia and C3PO's adventure on Mandalore -from 1983 Just before Return of the Jedi came out -part one "The Search Begins" can be found here
I didn't change credits here  as it was originally coloured by Glynis Wein -but these are my colours - wanted to colour this story or explore Fenn and Tobbi's story since I was 11  -now after a couple of years I've started  work on "Death in the City of Bone "
Third time I've attempted this- first time was about two years ago I had got as far as these pages but couldn't complete wraparound as computer crashed and I lost everything -decided to try out PSI Judge Anderson instead after that - then on Tuesday I was almost finished just needed to cleanup around borders and colour speech boxes when the damn photo shop decided to turn into a blue circle and crash again losing a days work -so not sure this is as good as it was -very tired now -but raring to get onto page 7 -which is a good thing-I do this for fun anyhow- hopefully colours are more Rebels Mandalore for final page here I was aiming for that -much different  from the original comics very dead and colourless after civil war between Gar  Saxon 's Imperial 's and The Clans that opposed  them - first part of this story is set in a swampy Jungle environment - but guess I can truer to animated series with this episode-I think I started "The Search Begins" just when Rebels was announced - man they work fast lol - but since then we've seen Fenn Rau who's as close to Fenn Shysha as you can get (apart from Armour that is)  but it's good to know he's out there-I kind of  believe Han when he said "It's true.. all of it" so I figure Davids, Jo ,and Archies run on the original strips are canon in my brain anyhow would be nice to run into some of there characters in a tv show film or a video game  at some point...
Talking of Rebels looking forward to this...
Gotta hit the hay back to work tomorrow will be away for a few days for my sisters birthday bash so I'll have to do as much as I can these next few days

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