Monday, 5 February 2018

"You're all Clear Kid!"

From only scan I could find  on web featuring  Al Williamson's intro of The Bounty Hunters in the original adaptation  of The Empire Strikes Back  which was in Black and White so I could try out some colours -never thought this scene he depicted was on The Executor as that machinery round them doesn't look Imperial so instead tried to imagine them back home at Jabba's or on Nar Shadda -some place intergalatic miscreants hang out -guy behind Boba , no idea who that is certainly isn't 4 Lom or Zuckuss -looks like a Trandoshan same species as Bossk  so I went for that look... more Dengar in next post as I'm completing the first four pages of "Death in the City of Bone " the direct follow up to "The Search Begins" which I re-coloured a few years back-that's  when ceiling fell on top of me lol -I wanted to post that today - but got to smooth it out as it's a bit rough around the edges (kinda like above) so I'll wait till I'm 100% with it ... main reason for posting is the new Star Wars trailer  Solo a Star Wars story... I'll give you my thoughts in a mo...

Back before Captain Solo called everyone Kid-hmm not sure about using voice over and music sounds more machine like than typical strings -I was hoping they'd do an American Graffiti/Pulp Fiction sorta of thing and rely on soundtrack from actual hits in the Star Wars galaxy instead of the  traditional way -but hey that's how I'd do it... Solo himself Alden -kind of reminds me of a young Jack Nicholson more than Harrison- I get a gist that he'll get the character his way -better than trying to do a straight up imitation -

Lando rocks the furs (and Yellow)My Mum had one like that but she got rid of it as furs bad unless it's faux even back in the 80's
 I bet they're trying to get one over each other from the moment they meet -

Thandie Newton looks like she's gonna be a fave for me. .could well be Sana ? -New Robot is the Bollox lol guess she's getting a new name -but she is much like that droid(makes me think if Brian Daley was listening to the Sex Pistols when he first came up with that name? and maybe he caught a George Peppard movie where he's a German flying ace  on TV The Blue Max  whilst writing those books )but Bollox  sounds very rude wonder if he knew lol

 I figure Han and Qira grew up together on the streets of Corellia during the Clone Wars possibly orphans hence the running scams line at start of the trailer -if that's Corellia at the beginning it's like a wet seaside town type of planet I can identify with that.

. course Snowy planet might be Corellia too.. but who are these guys?Snowpeople ? pirates I imagine or a tribe of some kind.
I wonder if these are Glynn Dillion creations .. It look dead cool and it fills in that time period before Rebels  so even if  it's Butch Cassidy & Sundance kid the early years in space I think i'd still enjoy it -it's entertainment and escapism after all no idea why people have been so gripey lately when comes to Star Wars-here's first trailer with the snowperson attacking ...could Kanijklub or Guavian Death Gang -would be a nice way to link into the newer films ..

. but will we see Kashykk again seeing as scene with Chewie and Woody looks like there , but more than likely Kessel.
I love how these like old paperbacks such as Han Solo books that came out in late 70's..
This geezer knows his Star Lore so I'll check his breakdown

Updated -had to feature this-this guy's always good at spotting stuff and funny too. I'll  round off with a massive playlist that'll keep growing -featuring fan films interviews cut scenes documentaries -but now I've gotta get on with colouring don't want to muck it up .

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