Tuesday, 3 April 2018

HypTV 40

It's so great Thee Hypnotics returning I must of seen them about 4 times & once at legendary 100 Club should of went to party afterwards but was striving to pay the rent and I had to walk miles to get one hours sleep then back to work-so full of energy in my 20's  though it's strange to think 20 years goes like a blink of a eye maybe it's different for other people ... but RnR galore as usual  Stones, Neil(great to see Nils in  documentary I met him when I was 17 the day my Dad died as he was playing in my town my friend took me along to see him play to take my mind off what happened we were going to see him anyhow but it helped but now thinking about it I did chat with Nils after the show -I was still in shock but it did help music is a great gift it begins the healing process)  + ,Downliners  Barry with Gram the Man and the sequel to Dads Army (had this strange dream once where they ended up in Normandy by accident of course they seem stuck in 1941-42 I always wondered what happened to them after Invasion of Sicily would of made a good episode... now I know  from Radio show I only heard the other day.

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