Monday, 9 April 2018

Solo 2

I do like the colour scheme here-very "Han Solos" Revenge harks back to that vibe -plus if only Play School had a Millennium Falcon shaped Window back in the day...
Stayed up late last night must of watched this trailer about 10 times already. Puckish Roguin'! I like how Correlia is Correlia -a shipbuilding world like a Space Belfast or  Liverpool -opening shots grande. Alden reminds me of Jack Nicholson rather than Harrison  although I reckon he might just work in this role-looks great here his Jackets a bit Apollo out of Battlestar Galactica - maybe it's a nod to that . From what I hear Nests a chick the really cool looking armoured pirate I raved on about in first trailer-Masked Maruders  the Cloudriders -Music in trailer is very "Eye of the Tiger" meets Morricone .Rangetroopers -Mudtroopers and that's only scratching the surface of variety of Troopers lol -so much to mention here I have my own thoughts -I'm optimistic at least -more of a Space Pirate Bounty Hunter fan than all that Jedi stuff (they've had plenty of movies this seems more up my street ) If they do a TV series I'm hoping it focuses on period between  Sith and Hope but whatever they have planned bound to tune in - but lets see if I missed anything...

Landos very Sonny from The Godfather-not sure he sounds like Billy Dee though -have to wait till May - the dude here reckons that's Mimban rather than Correlia my intial thought that's Hans homeworld  as Mimban's a swamp planet hence Mudtroopers -but this guy eats sleeps and drinks Star Wars so he might be right
A few more promo things bound to be more as weeks go by -my first exposure to Star Wars as a 4 year old was through Bubblegum cards  so I can relate to this advert  another nice surprise this week.

Trouble with this advert I'd rather have The Falcon or at least a Swoop bike than the motor they're trying to flog I bet Han don't pay his hypherspace tax either. There's meant to be a twist at end of the movie-possibly Lando or Chewie are at the controls when The Kessel Run is complete rather than Han-he likes to take credit or at least his ship for cloudriders .. remember this story too I know Lucas wasn't a fan of Jaxxon .. I did like the spiney guy very James Coburn in Magnificent Seven- he'd fire out quills Roy Thomas Howard Chaykin, Tom Palmer -first ever EU? Issue 7 I think before Splinter of Minds Eye.

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