Thursday, 31 May 2018

Star Wars-"Death in the City of Bone" recoloured -Part 4

Start off with a bitesize Boba to serve as a front part image for post-Taken from a 80's newspaper strip -art by Al Williamson -kinda tempted to colour the whole of Al's run on Star Wars newspaper stories but maybe that would be too ambitious -I'll mull over the idea ... but back to "Death in the City of Bone" from early 1983- the first story to feature Mandalore Story by David Michelinie , Art by Gene Day and Tom Palmer (I'll feature a few videos about them in a second)letters by Joe Rosen -and my colours -really doing this for fun and practice.. but onto part 4
I look forward to colouring stories explosive conclusion -I'll get to work on that over the weekend.
But I thought I'd feature the guys responsible for this story  rather than rap on about Star Wars as  well there's plenty of people doing that already  I'll start with a interview with David  who wrote  a epic run on the original Marvel Star Wars run -especially loved his work with Walt Simeonson and Tom in early 80's and Shira Brie was a early comic crush -I remember I copied the whole of "Coffin in the Clouds" when I was about 12 or 13  in pencils used to to try and draw Al's stuff too...

First part of a talk by Dave Sim about his friend and mentor Gene Day whose work I first saw in Star Wars 68 and 69 -followed by his very last story Indiana Jones # 3 I think -had no idea that he'd died as I was reading the Marvel UK reprints ( I think he was only 31 seems so tragic as he was innovative )-but a few years later saw his Master of Kung Fu from the 70's reprinted in Action Force(alongside Paul Gulacy and Mike Zeck) and thought hey I know that name -that's the dude who drew Fenn Shysa on Mandalore with his trademark double spreads - I knew he was special - I hope I'm not doing any disservice colouring these stories but I've loved them since I was a kid and the thought of Rebellion on Mandalore really did wonders for the imagination -always my canon -like to think Fenn Rau is a nod to all that.But Gene(or rather Howard) is the Indie King as Dave explains... The Legend that is Tom Palmer -someone who inked some of the greatest comics Neil Adams X Men and Avengers from the late 60's (read the reprints before they were re-coloured back in early 90's)if a title had Toms inks it had a seal of quality but nice to actually see the man himself. Found this awesome site today so you can check out Tom's work through the years featuring pages from many other comics legends  on pencils.

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