Monday, 11 June 2018

Freedom of 76

Ms Lois  my Fallout avatar bit more exciting than my Nate who is based on me -but I can't do nothing with my lack of  hair lol  she looks much cooler -serves story better as it's about a mother - much much more of her later
I think I only heard of Fallout 76 a few weeks ago so it was nice to find out a bit more last night 

Choice of location is inspired -glad you can play solo too-I have a kind of love/hate thing with multiplayer-first time I tried it was on Max Payne 3 which was ok although sometimes wondered if there were cheats that's the thing some people seemed bulletproof -then I tried GTA V-again like Fallout it's the story I like - first I tried it some asshole started shooting up the clothes shop had to blow him away- that's just one incident, but weren't so lucky other times but it's the lack of co-operation with some players that put me off and the relentless pursuit of money and materialism and barely any story I lost interest -this was last generation console though -perhaps it's vastly improved since then but felt more like a sports game in parts-prefer a big old story (should be getting that in Red Dead 2 ) Star Wars Battlefront also played online but got bored-prefer if anybody can pick up a hero card rather than work towards it -got other stuff to do - can't spend all life playing multi-players . Solo play though? does that mean Bots? or fighting real life players? Would like to do straight up quests follow a storyline meet new characters and if action points and those cool animations are gone may not bother come up with these cool poses for Lois- and it's kind of like directing your own science fiction epic  if that aspects gone and it's all about "shop shooters " I dunno.
Decided to feature all the endings the new mods and creation club content also add something new -later videos feature a fair bit of that-re uploaded a different beginning too in first person rather than third which includes a few mods too I don't expect people to watch all of these - you'd be watching for about a year still it's my Citizen Kane meets Mad Max- probably do more if Fallout 76 is anything like this -seems people like the Third Game and Vegas better -but I do find them very last generation - I hope 76 is a step forward
I haven't seen this yet-should be interesting viewing-I think the first game I got from Bethesda was Rage- maybe  - much has happened since then... Updated this came out last night a little more info about 76 mind you I also saw Rage2 Trailer as well Cyberpunk 2077 (I bet you 2077 will look just like now-gonna be 105 by then- the future's kinda slow moving seems like just subtle things change )we're gonna be spoilt for choice .

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