Sunday, 12 August 2018

Reasons to be Cheerful-Part 2

Withnail Thrawn? seems a possibility with the casting of Richard E Grant for episode 9 - voice fits too but might be a red herring as is the name Mara -possible that they are the junkers Kylo spoke of (would like to see Withnail hit it off with a chick for a change lol so maybe Mara's the other Junker consuming the finest wines in the galaxy ) -I still think Rey's a clone made from DNA of Lukes hand by Palpatine -seems like the best theory-that  would shut up those misogamists that came out the woodwork yelling" Mary Sue" whatever that means (nice combination of names sounds like the perfect Cowgirl to me ) but if that's the explanation of Rey's connection with the force soon as she touches Lukes lightsabere  that would make perfect sense  -Rey  been Han Solo's lovechild -man that's just  a boring theory ... what if the Knights of Ren where all Rey clones ? -just a thought...I'm sure I've posted this before on  other playlists but nobody has time to watch all those I imagine -perhaps I make them for historical reasons and maybe its just a blast too  but Withnail and O - pure undiluted Genius

Thrawn's very real though not un-canon so would be very neat casting  if his happens.Another grand E Grant moment - one of my faves altouugh I do not agree with the sentiment -Bruce Robinson been smart againyep Richard would be a  ideal for Thrawn totally. Seems like the rumor going around about the Live Action Star Wars tv show is that it's centered around Mandalore -I can imagine a show like Dallas or Dynasty but with really cool armour lol I can imagine opening done in that style   -just jesting - but sounds fascinating - what state is planet in?  will we visit other planets under Mando influence (like seen in Rebels and Clone Wars) a live action Bo Katan and Fenn Rau would be most welcome and Sabine of course but she's out there in the Unknown Regions searching for Thrawn and Ezra - I do wish this dude would wear hat correctly very D.R.I  or Flavour Flav -but hat is designed to be worn forward lol  but hey that's just me been old

 Currently reading The  Avalanche  -although on computer rather than in paperback  which I would of preferred  (there is  a limited edition but I was a too late  ) but The Origins of Mega City One has fascinated me since reading The Cursed Earth - although Fargo Dredd's old fella  kind of  isn't the main character in this more of a looming figure that has bought in the Judges to fight the rising crime rate in America  -it's the conflict between the old law enforcers and the new Law whist  Mega City One is under construction -if  the Mega City One tv show takes off  man this era would make a good spin off - but Judge Fargo -who was he? we only get glimpses -perhaps Dredd's heritage could be explored better in literature rather than comics - would be cool see more though of The Man behind The Law .I know more is on the way :)

Mr H Epic voice! Micheal the writer of Avalanche sounds like good craic & always a good interviewer  the moustahey cavalier dude or is he a roundhead lol sounds more cavalier to me - used to know a geezer who did those English Civil War battle reconstructions- hope he's doing well. Booth is Mega Trump - then again Bush and the neo cons would of been main influence back when Origins came out whilst Nixon or Johnson perhaps for Pat Mills Booth in Cursed Earth- scary thing going on with Iran right now -Up to there old tricks again...Neo Cons that is.
Fargo of course  has been portrayed by Max Von Sydow whilst not a big fan of the 90's movie -that was good casting-You can see Dredd in Max-would of been better than Sly about the right age too
been fooling around with Fallout 4 as usual decided to make a Dredd -seems to fit that world or maybe Fargo more -not impossible to create him either - I did create a Cursed Earth Koburn with Maccredy- but maybe a settler would be better Deacon 's meant to be Johnny Alpha here lol but Cait makes an excellent Durham Red whilst Pipers a good Beeny - ps4 so I can't mod really just changing the look with all the ps4 mods I can use -maybe heres a better helmet for Dredd out there but this is the best I can do right now speaking of computer games nice to see Rat Pack appear in latest Sniper Elite Comic -I can see these dudes and others from Battle and 2000ad etc.. appear eventually in computer games
 Big reason to be cheerful though is that its only two months to go before October and Red Dead
Redemption  2-  which is bound to eat into my life- gonna be epic.

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