Saturday, 22 September 2018

Equinox Day

Something to aim for. Outlived JC by 6 years -feel like I've done so little -guess its a incentive to keep on movin' Birthday tomorrow so a birthday post featuring people born the same date - surprised by who I share birth date with-born on the Equinox just like John- he knew this so a good theme for 23rd of September Share cake eating day with Brucey too -There's Batman and there's  the Bossman  both Bruces  though.-song about Fred Sonic Smith Patti's husband another hero -here's Brucey's version Share birthday with the original  KK too-Kublai Khan a name I first heard in a Frankie Goes to Hollywood song- this will give me a better idea what they were harping on about
Talking of 80's also born on 23rd and a nod to my Dad  as he liked this (he didn't buy many records -Chas and Dave(R.I.P Chas only just heard on the news) and this one Julio Captain Suave

Coined the phrase "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned " Euripides "Kneel before Dionysus!"--
Born on the same day as Augusts Caesar the first Roman Emperor-he Judge Fargo of Emperors-it had to be Melvyn and Mary narrating this -as they know there onions Trigger Happy Punk Mickey Rooney -I saw him once walking around the seafront as he was performing that night -you couldn't really miss him if you've watched lots of old movies.
theres's lots of films about Dilinger it seems almost a folk anti hero-
 Nice to find out I have the same birthday as The Falcon Anthony Mackie....

this is the Cap I like- whys he turned into a fecking beardboy ? that just aint the Cap or Steve Rogers- I know he's quit but he should be stuck in 1940's style wise-never a hipster- neither is that Thor with his short back and sides? should have the Walt Simonson look -maybe they'll do that eventually Gotta catch up with all those movies-so many of them now hard to keep up...Civil War and Ant Man were the last ones I saw -but that's not a bad thing the more he merrier as long as they can keep up the quality -one day I'll have a MCU movie marathon...Thyphoid Mary (not the Marvel one-but the real one)

Born under a Badass Sign. featuring the Raelettes :) -well that was fun and educational -should have a birthday more often -but don't wanna get too ancient

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