Sunday, 16 September 2018


Spidey selfie in The Guinness suit (well he does look like a slim line can of Draft Guinness in this get up -fave outfit so far -kind of close to black outfit so a pleasant surprise towards end of story - never  do selfies in real life though -too old to be like that. Old Kenny Everett sketch -mind you it's probably very sweaty been Spidey so perhaps he don't need to pee - I'm having a blast on the new Spiderman game so thought I'd do Spiderdelic post -first up a few Spidey related tunes There's many surf versions of Spiderman theme as your attorney of all things cool I'd advise you to check them all-
Wish I could live in Spiderland rather than Brexitville (whatever that is?) My mate and old guitarist used know a geezer from Slint he said they met at same art college I think he went onto playing in The Breeders at that time -no idea what happened to my old guitarist Jules  -I tried to track him down on Feckbook but he seems to have vanished into thin air like alot of people...some of them up there own arse I'm sad to say 
But back to Peter ..good kid -bound to dig Slint - if he was born in 70's that is ..but the real Pete would of been born in 1947 making him about 70 -71 if he aged in real time like Dredd does -did they ever do old Spiderman ? bet he'd still have same abilities just old boy probs instead of growing pains - but what a character far more interesting than the usual concept of a Superhero- Spiderteen may be more on the nose -Adrian Mole with Superpowers I have most of these paperback form from when I was 4 or 5 still got it as I fished it out of the attic when we moved house -somewhere in my bookcase now  so I'll revisit these stories -I was more a DC kid to start off with those eye-catching Joe Kubert and Neal Adams covers -Aqua Man too wtf have they done with him lately in that movie ? -Aqua Hippy lol nah man he's pure Shatner (just like my Dad was-) kind of under water Flash Gordon -The Injustice video games got Arthur right though...mind you I haven't moved on from 1978 me.. First Marvel Comic I owned was a Super Special featuring Thor vs Hercules- my aunty bought me I guess I was 4 -this one- pure vivid Kirby
I dove in and out with Spidey I remember a great slugfest with Scorpion -glad he's in new game -very badass- the Boba Fett of the Spideyverse. Talking of bad guys who exactly does Spidey go up against  in the new game.And Black Cat DLC to follow the ideal woman when I was a teen and now I guess lol even if she's prematurely white haired-If you had to make a choice of been Peter Parker or Spiderman  she'd be a strong case for been Spidey all the time.

Mary Jane gets plenty of coverage in game-lacks her moddish style she had in 70's but hey it's 2018 stylewise  she's kinda like Jessica Jones in new game would be nice if you cold high five JJ  down on the street -maybe they'll have guest star pedestrians -but not sure what copyright situation is there..But her office is about as is Matt and Foggys place -might be possible.
My first attempt at a cover here in game cameras a stroke of genius I could get addicted to trying to come with a cover image -might even be possible to create some sequential art from it.
I came back to Spidey in mid 80's after Secret Wars -that's when the black suit was first introduced -my fave story from that era was The Sin Eater- a team up with Daredevil - might see a life action version of him in DD III but my moneys on Bullseye- here's part 1 amazing what you can find on internet I wonder how they're going to do Venom seeing as Secret Wars and the Beyonder isn't part of the movie universe - I guess we'll find out soon enough Top marks for new Spidey Game I share Joe's sentiment towards game -looking forward to more

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