Monday, 8 June 2015

Amature Footage

Well I got my camera back-all down to the good nature of a member of staff at The Rhythm Factory -so this post goes out to the geezer who posted it back to me-Cheers Man!A strange night filled with Samarui Umbrellas lashings of the black stuff and exalted beat music ... big shame it ended-had to catch last train back-in a pissed up state left camera on stage-so when I found out  I left it I was gutted -as I had such a good time -things came crashing down as they shouldn't -but now got camera back and it's great again..I was blown away by Kinoco Hotel as they entered the venue (it was just like one of  their video's) with Maranne looking beyond cool and the rest of band following her lead I forgot my Irish roots and bowed the members who did see me bowed back -it wasa lovely sign of respect -I really do rate this group.
A  actual photo this time of No Cars ...last pic was a screencap -but it worked...well maybe if I crop it but with regular cameras and me it's always a case of bad timing lol ...I  should wait for movement but I'm half cut and having a good time lol . guy in front knows what he's doing.
Footage of No Cars at Rhythm Factory... there's whole gigs up of them -but here's my first ever live video clip ...I'm no Felini lol..but great hat footage.

I kind of rushed to bar or had a "harry rag" after that lost camera for the first time lol  for a short while or a gentleman looked after it for me -see you can trust people (see the start of this post) ..Would of liked to got OhGunquit but their show was too much fun(all hula-hoops and surf guitars  with some brass thrown in for good measure ) I forgot I had a camera lol but I did get some rare footage of Marianne and her crew ..

My footages very amature I know ..I think the idea was to try out screencaps rather than photos-that way I don't miss things -but had to scratch that plan out after consuming a tugboat full of Guinness lol

I found actually when screencapped (I know I can't take a decent photo in my life ) these are rather beautiful and unique -almost like a mix of pop art and abstraction... kind of happy how these turned out..

I really like this one-kind of Funhousey lol ... maybe if I see another band soon I'll apply this method "The Drunken  Guerilla Method" -although people who do this professionlly I don't envy you .. as  it means quitting fags going to bar etc  seeing as you have to go outside for one these days -so no way would be able to do that on a daily basis lol -best leave it  to the people who know how to take snaps.
This post will take forever waiting for videos to upload on youtube  ...DJ was a cool guy didn't know much English but song titles ,band  names ,clubs in Tokyo-one word conversations ..which is way it should be lol..He played Haunted's "125" and "Be a Caveman"by The Avengers -Godzilla Bossness...a brother in spirit..
Well it's finally  uploaded and processed and edited ..takes a light year-doubt I'll do too many of these ..keep losing camera ..but got it back and that's the main thing More live footage-the music was excellent quality of my video isn't lol

I'm sad clubs winding down ... seemed a neat place -wish  they change how tubes work on weekends wish it was more like Europe  it spoils the evening-cities and clocks -amounts to stress ,that's a good reason to get out of London -rather live in my own timesphere which is impossible in a city-see did learn something when I did live around there ..This pics very cool...

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