Wednesday, 10 June 2015

"Flickr'in' Peanuts at the Gods!"

Still of No Cars-I've uploaded a few more to flickr account -which is subject of this post- seeing as old blog  is now desolate and in draft  much of the visual content is sitting pretty in Flickr gallery anyhow -so if you missed out on my colouring or what story I'm working on now or the abstract photoshop freakouts they're in dire  need of views- like with most things too lazy to tag or do the things that are meant to get you noticed just yet ... but heres link to whole gallery
Why did I end old blog?and name change?-it's personal .. don't want to go into it-much of what I've got say goes ignored anyhow- fighting against a tide -may as well start over again  and make it better... and less ignored.
But how do I go about it? ..that's for me to find out I guess.
You know you've entered a new age of Austerity when they change the main design of the can  your favourite brew
WTF is this Norman Shite?!? not very golden is it lol -this is how I will remember the next five years...

Wonder if this song was inspired by "The Day the Earth Caught Fire"-remember seeing it as a kid and was shocked there was no heroic solution.. but look forward to the Golden Years...

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