Sunday, 7 June 2015

Colourquakes -1

1. "King Jack!"
2."You Are Going Blind"
3."The Own"
4."Lava Racer"
5."Paperback Fighter"

Just because I've stopped posting on other blog don't mean I won't be productive creating pictures and stories -just tryingto figure a way to represent the work in the  best the idea for picture 2  because Iwalking around half blind at moment lost glasses at a gig -but someone wasgoodenough at the club to send them and a lost camera in post hopefully I'll  get them back tommorow ot laterin the week...
Title for fourth picture was inspired by this wee fella.
Don't fancy the Racers Mrs much.. I was a big fan of this guy and the oher lesser known works of Roger Hargreaves.
 Timbuktu I think these series of books were known as.
Final picture was inspired by the Beatles and the  Kinks naturally -just seemed like a good mix of words...a colours reminded me of old  70's book cover colours.

I'll link my flickr abstract gallery for a few older pics

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