Monday, 22 June 2015

Stinkin' Inkin'

 Gene Vacant-1996.
Some old old pen and ink stuff -everybody does that -ever since I got photoshop in 2001 kind of moved away from this way  of working -did like some of the stuff I did -but ultmately I think I put too much stuff in (I do enjoy  drawing I get too carried away - but theres  a certain degree of ecomonics required in cartooning - hence working the way I do now)

Very Early Jonah  Jacks(my Mod of the Future character)-his second incarnation - this characters look  changed a fair bit in time but the shades and cool haircut remained (unlike the illustrators) very Han Solo inspired this one -and I think the guns a rip off of Boba's blaster but I did like the idea of  a digital Big Ben.

Very early Louisa Sheen -from about about 1995 -except she was called Brat back then and Cyborg boyfriend was called Borg  -ditched that idea - thought  a demonic schoolboy would make a better partner... could identify with him  more lol
Drew this a bit later on this one 1998 or 99 -which I came back to when first started Radio - Demonic School Kid  is known as "Masher Thompkins" -he'll resurface  again in new story as has Louisa  -very inspired by Julie Cafritz from Pussy Galore(Gold 500 pose ) and a girl on foundation course who had a really cool psychedlic backpatch ... need to make a start on a new station i.d tonight -I'll keep the Sgt Pepper theme -but I'd like to re-do it properly.

1995 again -so just after leaving university - wondered if I could draw  the Mona Lisa -then I wondered -lets take this further -so I had a go  at De Kooning's "Woman " and "American Gothic"
Andy Wormhole was curator of the gallery.. was big on the Velvets and Warhols world  back then.

A Dredd from about the same time - you can tell I used same pen -guess it of been of benefit if I knew  about different pens and brushes -but I'm about been instant - thats why photoshop suits me - no messing about with technical things... (back then I was very anti computer art  -funny how things change when you actually do stuff you never thought possible)

This is a bit more current-well 9 years ago and a copy of a classic Carlos Ezquerra(He is the Greatest!  )  drawing of  Johnny Alpha but in my style -should really re-add Carlos and various 2000ad other artists back on FB  -I left briefly - but sometimes I get so blown away -I wind up doubting myself -and I never get time to sit down and  work on anything -trapped in my role as a carer and when I have free time I don't feel the incentive as I did back then .. rather get plastered-it's wrong but  I wanted more out of life and it  didn't happen - I tell myself I've got to make it happen - but then I get to  thinking -well if I was  any good  I'd of made it in my  20's - my eyesights getting worse too - you put in the effort and no-one cares that also preys on my mind - The only way I think I can  approach this is for enjoyment rather than been a bigshot - would like to come up with an original story  that  even if just a handful of people saw  might  think " I liked that "... so underground but in a big epic sense -I hate the term small press as I have big budget dreams - (meaning theirs no  limit to imagination rather  than in the film  sense) nothing I do is twee - not my nature .. I'll round off with the  crazy characters I've come up with in the past - a  big nod to Brian Bolland  2000ad Eagle Cover .. it's up there with Blakes Pepper too .

Happy Monday...

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