Saturday, 6 June 2015

Electrically Higher!

You might wonder why Im', always  pushing and evolving  this "shitty radio station" and put a fair bit  of effort into it.. .. it's because I remember been 16 -hearing  "Looking at You for the first time"I remember that feelin'  or "I'm not Like Anybody Else" by The ChocolateWatchband for the very first time-it has a profound effect on a individual -so who  gives aa flying feck about how many are listening if this stuff If I get this stuff out into the world and effects another 16 year old the same way it did me then-that's way more important than numbers of listeners ..I always look at these things in terms of how they might be effectted- a individual-it always has to be that way with me -rather than a idea of a mass of people-same applies with art... things should hit you on your own level
This had a pround effect on me today -in much same way as the first time I heard "Looking atYou" on Babes in Arms  CD back in the summer of 1990..watched promo video for this earlier  reminded me 70's very well done -so I thought I'd feature live version here... I do wonder how much the "Grande Spectacle" seems like a big vortex to get sucked into-all these social networking promotional tools and what not(Only thing I got to promote is my soul-and it's a lonely one at that)-Changed FB profile last week as all I really do is endless song rampages which nobody listens to  lol  .. too busy checking upon the health of a cat(and fair do's if cat is unwell
 )I don't get  this narcisstic direction-selfies and what have you which in all honesty leads nowhere-seems like a strange social experiment -still can't make head or tail of how to use it to my advantage -maybe I shouldn't bother-doesn't strike me as honest or cool-I mean if you know absloutly everything about a person -you kinda lose interest- to have a certain a mystique is a beautiful thing I find..
More DVG- Really  neat stuff this...

"Electric High" instant classic for me.. Got a feeling it's been out a few years mind you  But it just had to go playlist! hitall theright notes and chords  as did this Curve number - I uploaded the John Peel version.. I just hope it plays at the right speed but this is the studio version-makes me happy this one.. a actual happy Curve song:)

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