Thursday, 4 June 2015

Summertyme Blues

A Edgar Jones aka "Summertyme"  post- one of UK's great unsung  songwriters and bassman supreme - badly needed  some Stairs tunes for radio playlist - couldn't find Mexican RnB on Amazon but I did find"Right at the Back of Your Mind" which seems to be demos or live versions of much that album, I  chose this song for latest playlist as it sums up how I feel about the  times we're living in...(Still sadly ) very "Thoughts and Words" by the Byrds  but yeah I share the same contempt - you'd think  people would of evolved since 92..but no :(

Name checks a few of the pirates that will sink this country in this tune-but it's nice to see Rastamouse in video too :)Gove.. man what a total Gnomelord. Early Edgar here from his Prodigal Son days with Macca ,I think he was about 16 here.. Two of my sisters saw this line up -throughout the gig some geezer was yelling" Never Stop!" and "Liverpool!" wish I was there as I love Ian Mc and the Bunnymen. Good Stuff!! More Fab Gear! The Stairs kind of vannished a least from the sight of the music press -all I knew is that he was jamming with Lee Mavers from The La's but found this gig just now of there more Creamy period...although theres a few Mexican RNB classics in first video(there's a second album out there somewhere I need to track that one down) Class tune-had this one up on playlist for a while... Rude. A truly awesome video-another very  trippy vid deffo worth checking Edgars back catalog -been busy since The Stairs days -can only round of this post with one song ,which ruled the summer of 91

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