Thursday, 11 June 2015

Ig Confidental

Thee Ig has a Radio show-seems like everyone has -my old school mate is doing hospital radio I noticed too yesterday -I did try to do a few live broadcasts in mid 2000's on Pirate Radio when that was the rage-but now I leave it to Batman,Clint, Jack among others to link songs ,I can't be around 24/7 besides haven't really got a radio voice-i'd make up shit on the spot rather than write a script(may of sounded awkward) here's my old version of logo I added a few more heads and changed the logo to "Rumble" later in the decade but here's the first Pepper rip off
Gawd this is ten years ago!! feels like yesterday -.. anyway back to Iggy's show -gonna give it a listen -don't usually get a chance on Friday usually getting pissed up with someone who'd rather listen to the Shipping  Forecast or the  Archers.. so I'll listen from here . I think this may be only availiable in UK -still you never know-may be ways around that
Click on Episodes should give you a few episodes ..

Gonna have to come  up with a  new logo-for Hipsville365AD -It may involve the "Jolly Mosher"
Hope the title of blog and radio doesn't  attract those man bun beardo types -my interpretation of "hipster" is closer to "hepcat" rather than the media  version -beards are for Richard Stilgoe,Count Dooku (R.I.P) and ZZ Top but  not younglings lol I just chose title after a very cool song  nothing to do with with a fakeass imported yoof scene that the news has only just cottoned onto lol..

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