Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Wanted to see if I could find as much footage of The Wipers as I could -we covered one of his tunes in my little college band(as it was what Nirvana were doing at that time -glad I discovered his music through Kurt as well as so many other bands)Gregs super-underated-but maybe he prefers it to be a cult thing -this music is too righteous for a square world... the lyrics are poetry .. the kind I like which has space for different intreptations -I tried to do that back in the day- s'pose that's what I try to do with those odd photoshop pictures that I do ...I didn't overdo this playlist smaller than usual but I'd  rather if visitors actually downloaded mp3s or bought physical copies of Greg's output - as well as that their is so little footage of this band :(so a few slidehow and fan made vids chucked in too  but here's a few covers .. starting with good ol Kurtd Nice One Buzz-one of my faves.. one of the best songs from the era of Reagan's America :) didn't get to hear it till years later mind you -hardly no airplay in UK whatsoever when this music originally came out-they prefered those other guys with headbands lol Dire  Straits- if only peoople knew how great this stuff was back then. Wish Ian could get Greg on Soft Focus -now that would be something!... ahh Keep dreaming Muttley.. so good here it is again VG style Featuring Ex Wipers J.

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