Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Red Rosa

Rosa Luxemburg has always been someone I wanted to know more about -the 20th Century could of been so different-I'm not a marxist or anything just a Johnist a individual with no political affiliation ,but I know good from bad -I try to live the best I can within the limitations this world offers -at least on a materialistic sense -so It's more of a historical investegation than anything else and also to see if her ideas correspond with mine -many great thinkers and idealists are wiped out of the history books as what follows is so terrible -I find this is also true with certain figures  in the Spanish Civil War , -their were other ways other solutions -that's what fascinates me - why do we forget ? when so much seemed progressive -I'll start of with a film perhaps this may shed some light on the mysterious Rosa. .You have to set the subtitles on this one ..but worth seeing in this quality . It's a period of history that's always fascinated me ever since I saw it on an old BBC Schools show called "20th Century History" might of been Brian Redhead who narrated it- cat had long hair and a beard -but smartly attired -would of liked to of found that episode.Instead I found the Kaiser Cheifs lol An old boy I know harps on about Norm so I'll go by his expert opinion... I guess the best way to find out about her is from her own thoughts and words.
I like what this poster has to say -you may kill the body -but you cannot kill the spirit.

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