Monday, 10 August 2015

Colouring Project-Star Wars -The Search Begins

This time last year was re-colouring this story from 1983 -also around the time my ceiling fell on top of me whilst I was sleeping-a close shave but lost computer tv and x-box360 was more than likely damaged too by the cave in(it don't work now at all which is most frustrating) .. so I'll repost this in it's entirity tonight. Story -David Michelinie -Art Gene Day -Inks Tom Palmer -Lettering Joe Rosen -which first appeared in Marvels orginal Star Wars comic books issue 68- I did want to colour issue 69 but can't find a black and white version of that yet.(did have it on old computer but it was killed by my ceiling) Coloured cover as Boba rather than Fenn as story centres around Leia's search for Fett -the new cover for hardback Marvel legends is more Shysa -esque -but the Bobster appears in flashback(or Spa if you follow Republican Commando  stories) but didn't have much of a chance to colour his armour so I stuck him on cover (besides would the other Mandalorians have Wookie scalps?)

I felt it right to feature the pages as they were intended on page of original comic (hence the smaller than usual images -but click on them for better view) but noticed that Gene knew how page facing other page should look -you could tell he was mindful of  page design  so this time around instead of pages been just plonked here wanted pages  facing each other although's  format didn't really help  matters.
New footage of next Star Wars movie today even if its less than a second -but looks like Empire are having second wind .. 

Maybe I'm nuts but I reckon dude in red gear and weird lightsabre might be Luke (turned to the dark side)- if not maybe he kills Luke echoing Obi Wan in original movie -perhaps this kicks off the whole Imperial/Sith craze again. It's bugging me having just ps2(with only one functional game lol everything else is scratched to fuck ) hope I got some money by the time SWBF comes out .. do think it's shitty having no campaign or story though- not fussed about multiplayer - maybe that'll change if I play it , but story something I like when it comes to a game... nice to see the Admiral again -naturally it's a trap lol Glad they got space combat in this -wonder if should even bother gettng new console pc version of original BF's have some incredible mods (Dark) lord knows what the modding on this will be like.

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