Friday, 7 August 2015

Warriors Night

Been sufferering as my XBox 360's conked out as I wait to get a new one(have to comple the  games I haven't finished) so back to the PS2 and The Warriors -still the best use of a fighting game and use of a movie source ever (yep even better than SWBF) as it used the story ,characters and backdrop to great effect.. Very influenced by movie and game as far as my latest story goes .. don't believe in doing superheros as well it was done back in 30's and 40's -but Supergangs  in a futuristic backdrop-all normal abilities like in The Warriors -superpowers is like waving a magic wand -life aint like that . I can believe in  a possible nightmare future -Brave New World meets this story is what I'm aiming for..anyway here's my Warriors playlist -worth watching on a rainy day

Also interview with the original novels  writer

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