Thursday, 6 August 2015

Dad Night

 Dad always said he wanted to be buried at sea so nobody could dance on his grave -I can tune into that dark humour-:)
I've had a few jars and a spliff or four  so wanted to share some television  memories with  you -watching tv with Dad was a bonding experience  back in the day we were both asorbing vital infomation  -not junk as it is today on the most part-start off with some Rock  n Roll classics -first pieces of music I heard as a nipper  70's mind guess folks had a retro mindset  -like me ffs lol..butthe  best stuff was always on.

This aint a song it's a mannifesto... had to be done ...just found this footage..

When I think Eddie I think genius ..the 60's would of started sooner if he stuck around.hindsights a real pain in the ass. Hard to beat this cat. Dad was spitting image of Shatner on Star Trek .. blonde and handsome but hair was thinning like Williams so when I saw Shatner in curley wigon Columbo I knew lol - but he'd get it all the time till he opened his mouth and revealed thick northern Irish accent. lol -So here's a few Shatner clips as he looked excatly like my Dad in his thities. Honestly it was like watching the old man on the box lol I  must of went to same method school as Brando and DeNiro lol. Deffo need some Yarns and Python here we did watch that together Tusedays were great in early 80's comics would come through letterbox and this was on the box .. we both got Mikes character straight away. We'd sit and watch Moviedrome every Sunday usually high quality movies -for example "Come and See " or "Wings of Desire" it was a era for quality choices and quality broadcasting -it's a bit more free for all these days-which is a bit crap coz theres more shit amongst the shinola been screened .. its all on youtube and whatnot -no idea what Dad would of made of computers -hated video-we never had one till years after he died - he said there was no point to having one -I've taken that attitude myself -don't wanna phone it's transit capitalism -the persuasion of peer preasure always made me queasy so I don't listen most the time. If I like something that'll do .. don't expect too much .. We watched Apocalypse Now together a defining moment for Dad and Son -knew I loved the Doors but thought Jim was an eejit .. Thought America would release first missle when cold war was going as he thought America was an "immature nation" thats not an insult its a fact.. so it's a good job he saw Perestoika happen-sadly last news item he would of seen was the invasion of Kuwait -guess world went to pot wih his passing but to finnish off Dad night a anaylis of Apocolaypse Now as we both loved that movie Never thought of it this way.. good that he spotted this stuff.

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