Thursday, 6 August 2015


My Dad's anniversary today so wanted to share some memories-special geezer naturally - sad to hear of George Coles passing today -see my Dads style back in 1984 lol -He is everything a Dad should be -the short time I had is more the special for it I guess.
Final pic of my Da this was 1990 -he was only 56 -The  world is a cruel place..kind of an artifical place now -my own worlds more comfy  -you learn this eventually.
You see the events that led to my Dads premature death and the legal outcome  well it knocked my logic sideways forever-I was 17 - I won't go into detail , but corruption is everywhere -I won't deal with it as you've lost me  society it's all a lie   but well any other man would be doing bird  or an out and out anarchist or dead... but not me.-I see the truth will out-it always does  given time.
So here's a few tunes and pics for  Dad -I'll start with Rabbit which he bought to annoy my Mum

One of earliest memories of music was Dads tapes -He was a greaser in the day -but marriage turned him into classiic easy listening dude with a rebel streak lol-Loved this when I was 2 or 3... More I think about this song the more I think I took on that persona lol. Youngest with three sisters Dad was only other male - so we'd get into boyish things like Dad and Sons are meant to
Christmas 1978 was the best for 3 reasons Evel -and Dads ramp -and these two movies were on the idiot box. Visits to expand my knowledge and inerests were key to Dad always thought I should have my own interests and hobbies at 7 Iwas fascinated by natural history -Life n Earth hit the screens and I was sold on it.. even though bought up catholic /star wars also had same effect.. there's more out there!
Got fascinated by Reptiles and Amphibians round that time Dad bought me this book in WH Smiths -still have it .. here's my fave pic of whole book at fave pic of a snake ever lol
Anaconda-which years later at University would be my nickname - Bit of Glenn to end this nostalgia trip.. Thing is listening to John and Sid in post prior -John saying that memory is key to who we are it forms our individuality it makes us who we are - I absolutly agree -and with Sid(sure he's off his head on smack -but I got the logic behind his thinking)  too saying that grown up is a cop out's something that's thrusted upon a person -don't need to be that way. I s'pose that's how I get through this mess - never gonna be no one else, my personal history is so out of whack with others - I have to learn to forgive -(one good thing about christianity is it's core rules-rather than the stuff before and after)  Lifes not for those who look back in anger -but for those who look back and laugh... been thinkingof Dad alot lately , not a day passes when he's not on my mind -it takes time -but all of sudden you realise they're with you every step of the way .

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