Tuesday, 29 December 2015


The Grim Reaper's been a right dick this year -Brett, BB,Coop,Philthy,Allen,Steve,Stevey,Patrick,Leonard, Sir Christopher,Rose,Lady Bo now Lemmy - I'd like to put Death in intensive care to see how he likes it -So tonight is dedicated to Lem -first single I owned was The Motorhead team up with Girlschool Saint Valentines Day Massacre E.P..first up a documentary- I was going to feature Classic Albums Ace of Spades but copyright is been uptight so instead "The Guts and the Glory" I  think I saw a bit of this before  Glastonbury appearence earlier this year. (they played my hometown many a time -wonder if that's coz of Noel Redding a Flintstonian too seeing as Lemmy was a roadie for the Jimi' Hendrix Experience It aint "out of the question"-you kept it real . Last up gig from mid-eighties -lots of special guests -Lem was well loved by so many.

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