Thursday, 23 June 2016


Classic John Higgins -actually saw the original of this back in 82, 83 or 84 at Folkestone Libary -"Impressive most Impressive"
Finally Bespin dlc content has arrived and Dengar -here's a testdrive on the single player (took away hud to make it a little more cinematic-not advisable online -which I've done a few times wind up shooting my own side which must be irritating )He does talk like a geezer -I wonder if original actor  Maurice Bush sounded like this-seems to have a touch of the old Ray Winstones.. he was a boxer and a stuntman as well as an actor , maybe I should check out those old Hammer movies. and Doctor Who  episodes to see if they got it right.but here's what  Dengar looks like  without the Mr Bump bandages  and scars.
I'm not like those whiney kids online -who  want more popular characters  -always had a soft spot for Dengar-looked a bit like Johnny Cash -but was surprised it wasn't  Boussh (as we know what he sounded like  )and we  can estimate how Bossk sounded from his one line in Empire ... I reckon we may see him on Death Star or the mystery DLC coming out in  2017.. as he briefly appears on  a computer screen in this E3 video

A lot of people give EA stick -I think Panademic did such a great job that expectations were sky high-
But business is business  in a world of piracy they gotta make  money so that's how I see it -the next game I think will be a evolutionary jump - as was the original Battlefront 2 was--would be nice to see a story though seriously) not much of a MP type of guy -like a big massive story Mass Effect style  rather than get the next best weapon .. I do want to give these a go BF2 mods but these look the Daddy

I think this was made by same guy who made the excellent Tatoinne at War mod so it's bound to be great....theres another that features Bespin that looks great too ... but I've forgotten the name of it ..when I remember I'll feature it here At last I can show Lando in action -I had to wait for this for some reason ps4 wouldnt upload my Lando vids  to youtube but here's one finally,,, I do love the new maps -I wil have to find time to sit down and get shot and blown up alot lol but here's one of my first goes on Cloud City..the Carbon Freezing chambers great too-but I'm hopeless at "Blast".. prefer "Supremacy" Just hope the Expanded Universe Referemdum goes in my favour -good that we can have a democratic say in countries future without resorting to shooting at each other- the result may be in my favour if it isn't I'll have to take it on the chin(as usual lol) but yeah a monumental day on the Silly Isles .

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