Monday, 20 June 2016

Euro Nuggets -Part 1

Funny how I didn't get to hear this stuff till the 90's -love my Euro stuff just as valid as America & UK .. The Q65 & Outsiders I discovered from reading CD booklet for The Pretty Things and then I heard The Lyres doing there music  so I had to trackdown their stuff... Some rare C.Q era Outsiders videos next
opy.jpg" width="640" /> ..C.Q's a masterpiece-they totally invent Thrash with "Misfit"sounds modern to my ears. (the early stuffs fast for it's time too come to think of it) France next and another Ronnie..
Videoes featuring Les Problemes
-other guys have silly ponytails (hipsters of there day?) Have to feature Jacque (kinda reminds me of dude who hosted RAPIDO lol.but  with a better tailor.

Thor's Hammer doing a Zeppy Number towards end of Sixties
.. the  first a fuzzpunk classic.Hope Iceland do well in Euro's been good so far..

Maybe do another one of these before Thursdays  referendum-I will vote for sure now ., before Jo died I was cynical about casting vote as I think in every election I've ever voted in the wrong lot get in lol (but that's democracy-and I wouldn't have it any other way )but I was  beginning to think ballot card was cursed -I hope that's not the case this time.

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