Sunday, 24 September 2017


It's strange to think I'm same age as Zippy(I think first episode of Rainbow was in 72) Post birthday playlist mainly music from 1972  when I  was  a  baba. It's funny age .. well it is when you don't keep up with the Jones -not sure where the hell I'll be next hopefully away from here and doing what I want to do but birthday turned out shitty firstly got a record player as a present -which is great but it turns out to from America and ac power cable won't fit -I've tried others but they don't fit either so that ruined things no magic oxo ended up drinking myself daft - began thinking about the past always a bad thing when the one person that mattered will never be how you wanted .. it's tough carrying this stuff around -been like that since I was 26 if only I could find a way to move on ... kid myself every day guess that's how you survive gotta be optimistic otherwise you become a shell - maybe a good sleep will put mind back in order but glad I made this playlist 72 was actually a cool year even if Jimi & Jim weren't around to see it  not sure what my Dad  would of made of all the glitter and stuff lol  he was kinda old school but as Marc says  "All Schools are Strange" in The Slider .. wise fella  for his age Marc.

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