Monday, 25 September 2017

Platter Matter.

Papa don't take no  mess .. but he ain't around .. finally I can listen to these .. after about 12 or so years without a record player (got it sorted ) so  I'll  blast myself senseless again .. this is just a fraction  and I'll probably buy more .. wanted to christen my record player on facebook  but they wouldn't let me perhaps lyrics of song are too close to mark -just wanted to see James head spin around lol but great to hear  records again for real,
Playlist based on contents of record collection .. have a huge CD and tape archive too- far more than records not really a collector just bought stuff I thought was cool doubt I'd wanna sell them like other people do - just been a while since I heard them too  but cant beat vinyl just looks right.

A bit of Nirvana towards the end from Wipeout bootleg today or yesterday was the anniversary of Nevermind coming out I remember buying tape of it in Maidstone -stuck it in friends car as we drove back to flintstone she thought it sounded like Sisters of Mercy lol ..the first triad chords of Teen Spirit that is funny how other people hear things..mind you Come as You Are is The Eighties by Killing Joke so she may have a point.

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