Thursday, 28 September 2017


Got the Blade Runner bug after watching Blade Runner Blackout 2022 the other night.. I  can't put that  on youtube playlist so I'll link it directly
I have to admit I thought the gap between the original film and this new one would be too great but after seeing anime kinda makes sense  - Got a good feeling about this ..
The other two live shorts that serve as a prelude to the main Movie  are also present on playlist ..
First experience of Blade Runner would of been re-prints in Return of the Jedi weekly back in 83 or 84 -loved Al Williamson and  Carlos Garzons art already from the Star Wars strips  as well as Archie Goodwins scripts so it was a curiosity introduced me future noir at a young age(I wasn't old enough to see it in the cinema) my sister saw it though -not sure what she made of it -not sure it was what she was expecting - I'm sure that would of been true to many other cinema  goers at the time  - I always come back this movie -I love how there are no heroes or villians -it's about perception  for me - one second you abhor Roy Batty (was Nora Nexus 1 lol) for example the next you have great empathy for him and his kind - I hope 2049 can  tell a story as well as it's older brother.

pic I did way back in 2005

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