Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Falling Out 2

At long last I've got to completing uploading  the main story quest of Fallout 4 although this is by no means the directors cut or special edition as there is much more  Fallout   in the aftermath of the events at the Institute - but I'll take a break from uploading these for a while -gets alot better when I  use Lois instead of Jo as I had access to Cheat Room and Mods Galore  -so I got alot better and had more access to clothes and weapons and action points (bit of a junky for action points and criticals  very handy reference for comic so made sure I got the most out of that)-I doubt anyone will watch this from start to finish -it's just nice to have )

theres more than 200 vids approaching 400 in fact -it'll go beyond if I upload the ending of Far Harbour and Nuka World.
Currently playing Injustice 2 it's a thing of beauty -the story mode is worth playing by itself -characters look like there Brian Bolland or Neal Adams  vibe to them - very nicely done -it's not a bad fighter either - makes you wish there was a Marvel Alliance 3 though  that would be beyond neat .
Black Canary Vs Catwoman - some wishes do come true lol

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