Saturday, 14 October 2017

Rebels with a Cause.

 Nice pic of Fenn Rau by Bartek Fedyczak .
One of the big questions in Rebels tv show is who is The Manda Lore ? I 'm putting my money on Fenn Rau seeing as Fenn Shysha and Tobbi Dala were the head honchos in the original Marvel run but I've been  wrong b4 -for example I  thought Benico Del Torro was gonna be a Fett -but seems like he's a guy called DeeJay we'll have  wait till December to see how that transpires -perhaps Bo is the new Manda Lore although seems hesitant here -good to see her back -looking forward to seeing first episode of new season should be out on Monday.

so cool to see Mando's do there thang especially against the Empire -I've been waiting since 83 for this -I really wanted to see this in prequel trilogy but perhaps it was a tall order for a live action movie-I'm a bit concerned for Luke here-seems like he's bricking it -fear leads to dark side -and he's lost his friend and perhaps his sister in the next movie -he could lose it big time - perhaps he'll be the real bad guy in the ninth movie -rather than that Snoke thing (excellent name for a sock puppet though)I hope not kinda love the guy -and you want it to be true to what George intended (we never hear of George these days but the whole SW universe would of never happened without him) should of asked him to involved in final movie of this trilogy I reckon.. November see's Battlefront 2 hit the shops - I'm looking forward to the story mostly -not keen on idea of micro-transactions though(all that star card power up stuff puts me off a bit on MP-I think it's a bit different this time around but I notice people online aint too happy about it  ) -you see this kind of thing in Injustice 2 as well would be better if characters you buy came with unique maps as well that would of been nice... but here's Finn if he digs it I know I will too.

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