Sunday, 22 October 2017

Goin' Batty

Fave Bat Artist Neal Adams (as well as Green Arrow & Green Lantern ) that dude can draw  big time.
I've wondered how this would turn since I was  4 or 5 here's my personal answer lol

I'm the Arrow here .. but the Batdude always holds fascination coz he's been around so long - and a baddass but reliving Neal Adams covers from when I was a nipper  lol well up to a point-since then we've had the Burton Movies - the non Keaton movies which weren't half as good ,animated series which retell some Batman classics - The Nolan Trilogy which I did like -no idea what the latest films are like have to catch up with those The Arkham  games  but right now  I am enjoying Gotham at the moment -I'm just concerned that Young Bruce & Gordon will have put away or killed(in Gordon's case) all the main baddies before he gets a chance to become Batman lol-mind you plenty of resurrection going on as I'm halfway through season 3 (good ol Netflix-but I'm not sure I can wait a year for season 4 which is been broadcast right now on American TV) I was hoping to see Gordon rock the glasses and tash by now though -mind you he didn't have a tash in 1966 show -just when I visualize his character it would be like Year One. ..maybe eyes get worse off by time Bruce hits 20's Scene where young Bruce loses his parents - strange how one panel from 1939 has created such a mythos.. mind you they went to see a Zorro movie not a musical (unless it was a musical about Zorro lol) Least Bruce's voice has got a little deeper since-he gets taller with every season lol -good move having Selena witnessing killing -makes sense they grew up around same time - One of my fave scenes so far is in the second season where young Bruce tracks down the shooter - the pay off is satisfying and true to the character-I lost my Dad young -due to another persons violence -you carry all this rage inside you-I guess I still do but you have to control it you don't let it get the better of you -a tough break -but gotta live with it day in day out -but that scene made so much sense I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it - better to be like Brucey boy in mind than the crazy crooks in this show although they seem to have more fun but they too of course are defined by tragedy Dig Vic and Barnes who I figure must be The Executioner the most (kinda like a mad proto Dredd yelling I am the Law a nod to Danny Canon I guess) Vic would make perfect Agent 47 so mainly scene stealers in this show Penguin obviously -I like his take on Cobblepot never knew he was gay though but hey makes kinda sense good dress sense and all -reminds me of Johnnyboy in Mean Streets and Tuturro in Millers Crossing so Robins excellent dig the way he loves his Mum , almost a sympathetic character -guess that's the genius of shows like these ... same could be said about Captain Nerd .. The Riddler another excellently cast actor as is Jerome who may or may not be The Joker -but so perfect for that role... Catwoman when she's Cat rather than Catgirl (sounds a bit weird-makes more sense ) and Young Bruce both convincing in there roles  Camren's a great dancer and agile enough to play Selena  and David's going to be a great Bats hope they can keep show going into there 20's but can't ask too much Never expected Alfred to be ex SAS (maybe SBS actually they did mention he was a Royal Marine) I wonder about lingo he uses as it's my normal phrasing but would a American audience grasp it ? seems more working class which is better Butlering has changed over the years. I do wish Donal would get more story though a good sideman to Gordon but he needs more episodes about his character as he's most Irish of the cops and I can Identify with him the most -hope his kids ok only just heard about that  just now. Dude always gets the chicks -but then they turn nuts -mind you doubt that will happen with Lee -I'll feature more about female cast on other blog in a couple of days but yeah gotta get some face fluff & plastic glasses by close of season 5 Ok back to my Gotham Marathon -keep up the good work loving it so far... can't watch this trailer till see all of season 3 though

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