Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Communication Breakdown's always the same

I swear I'm cursed or the people who make computers don,t have this  particular  caveman in  mind ._typing this on a PS4 so spacings may wind up been  a mess but  l go away for  a evening by next morning the computer gets all arsey and gives me the  blue screen of  death._.Again really frustrating as i,d i'd shot some wicked footage from gig not saying i'm David Lean anything but bands were excellent so I was looking forward uploading on youtube instead l get this wollocks.    Anyway it'll be a week   or two before I can post again  here or on other blogs ._.Then again I have two scripts that need compleating The Deadly Sins who make up the latest background image and Star Wars A Old Threat It'll  be a tricky task as typing on this thing is trying especially   but can't upload pics or videos just yet so gotta do something

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