Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The Black Major-Colouring Project part 2

Part 2 featuring art by a young Geoff Senior -who'd later go onto Transformers,Zoids,Deaths Head, 2000ad, Action Force (Marvel UK  this time)Judge Dredd -love the way he captures action  and movement -  styles a bit different here-think he also worked on Warrior before this story  And Josep Gual  who worked on many titles Eagle (Fists of Danny Pike) James Bond , Newspaper strips such as George & Lynne but I'll always remember him for Codename Tracker for Battle Action Force too  I think I  enjoyed coloring his art the most even though I wish I layered -would be considerably better if Idid that at the time.
 You sure get around in the Marines -not sure I'd like Shepherd as my C.O though -part 3 the final part to follow-SBS training the Dawn of the Red Shadows and the Birth of Action Force... here's my pic of a Red Shadow -evil Red Nazi  Kermits lol -toy terrorists, the  real things aint so easy to spot sadly. I did a few years back -AK blazin' and all

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