Saturday, 20 January 2018


Alternative TV literally by the end.. January's got off to grumpy start-we've lost some good 1's this month , Fast Eddie , the two Jim's (Baike and  Watson)  two great  comic artists- I'll feature Dolores on the other blogs playlist  -whilst I'll try and post  first part of my coloured version of The Black Major which featured Jim Watson's art  in a future post- not 100% happy with my colouring then as I was only working out how to do it hence not re-posting it here yet.But it'll show hopefully a new audience his drawing skills - I hope the rest of the years playlists don't wind up been tributes to heroes but"Lifes as Wonderful as a Cold, Lifes  about as Wonderful as Growing Old"..I need some lemsip.

Joe's too tough to die -art by Jim Baike -would love to see his Small Faces comics lots of footage  of the boys here too..

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