Monday, 22 January 2018

The Black Major Colouring Project Part 1

Wanted to pay tribute to Jim Watson -although possibly not the best way as I'm not a fan of my colouring here -learning the ropes really- could do it way better now as I just dived in with this project eager to go -not learning how to work in layers till the very last page -still I think I did learn something from experience and that is I can complete a big project at least although would approach much differently these days -proper colouring above by John Burns - I do wish I was still enthusiastic as I was ten tears ago when I coloured these... anyhow here's part 1 of the origin story of John Shepherd (this is years before Mass Effect  and there's a John Shepherd in a Call of  Duty game too -wonder if that's were they got the name?) he's a bad seed for sure, even passed onto GI Joe Canon  I think?... did the Red Shadows really kill Lady Jaye?-she's my mate on FB  still alive and kicking from what I see... if you'd like to readthis in it's original black & white form check out this link
Someone once said John looked liked Craig Ferguson lol -I see alot of Ollie Reed -he'd of been perfect for this role-part two to follow-for a comprehensive tribute to Jim check out excellent British Comics blog  
 Always drew the best Red Shadows and Panzer G Man , Kurt Slinger will always be among my favourite German characters that starred in Battle
Art by Carlos Ezquerra

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